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HealthCare Success Stories

  • The client is a Winter Springs, FL based founder of a preventive health assessment, diagnostic testing, and care management services for health plans and employers.

    The client uses a fleet of mobile clinics equipped with diagnostic technologies and provides essential testing services for improved patient and care provider relationships.

    We developed a sophisticated electronic medical records system ground up, which puts members' health information in the hands of the right healthcare decision-makers.


    For us, Taazaa has always been a lot more than our technology partner. I give a lot of credit to Taazaa for what so ever we were able to accomplish. The team was always there in the thick and thin, we struggled a lot and celebrated a lot more. I knew this is the team I can count on, and the journey is to continue.

    The solution adds value to both the care provider and plan provider as they work together to best serve the patient for improved health outcomes.

    Before the acquisition, the client became the country’s largest provider of mobile health services, with 700 employees serving 40 states within the US.

    The client is acquired by Matrix Medical Network, a leading provider of mobile health assessment and diagnostic testing services for a total sum of USD 50 million.

  • This an Oceanside, New York, based startup for safety monitoring technologies and supportive care solutions, which promotes independent living.

    The idea was to provide a dynamic suite of products that support healthcare providers in managing high-risk members by creating a digital health highway.

    The developed solution is a web-based Remote Patient Monitoring System that provides a safety net for individuals, using advanced wireless and wearable tech devices.


    My experience with the team of Taazaa is fantastic. I got in touch with the team, and from day one, I was sure that they are going to deliver me the perfect solutions. It was great working with them. Throughout the project timeline, they were always easy to reach and addressed every query on time. Undoubtedly, highly recommended.

    The software puts providers and payers in the driver’s seat to proactively intervene when there is a health concern, symptom exacerbation, user inactivity or an emergency.

    We help with all aspects of business management including staff training, hardware deployment, patient enrollment, field service logistics, and analytics utilization.

    The platform has proven so effective that it is expanding beyond senior care and the treatment of certain chronic conditions.

  • The client offers interactive concussion assessment and training for neuromechanical well-being, and orthopedic rehabilitation.

    The Software developed captures and analyzes the physical and psychological performance based on input values captured by the computer-based simulation system.

    It incorporates key metrics such as response time, pace, increases in pace, stamina, the height of the jump, efficiency of the cardiovascular system, distance, and caloric expenditure.


    In terms of creativity and quality of design, Taazaa is one of the best we have worked with. Happy with their work and deliverable! Developers helped us in making decisions on implementing additional custom features. They quickly integrated the logics we provided and added more members to meet the deadline.

    Based on the obtained data, a log of the trials was established for the patients/ athletes that ultimately enabled the application to create a vector report of the person concerned.

    The application provides actionable data to healthcare providers, clinicians, caregivers, and coaches to assist the participants in returning to their normal functioning.

    We are excited about the multiple applications of the software solution. Each program provides injured people with a faster transition back to pre-injury routine.

Taazaa Empowers Startups At Every Stage Throughout The Product Life Cycle

We are a global software company that was founded on the belief that software should reduce human suffering and that great software should be more accessible to organizations that need it.

If you have a start-up project ready to launch, Taazaa would infuse a “fresh” experience around creating and unleashing great software by providing full-cycle software development services.

Whether you’re looking for a prototype to receive funding, an MVP to validate your product, or a full-fledged solution built from scratch, we’re here to lead you all the way

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Taazaa’s Offerings

Minimum Viable Product

For validating the idea behind your startup, you have to create an MVP. We research your market and the business model, identify a roadmap of development, and recommend solutions. Our MVP approach cuts short the tedious cycle of development.

Startup Product Development

We begin the product development with requirements engineering and business modeling. And we do it with a futuristic mindset, conceiving your startup to becomes a mass idea! Further, we move to UX/UI design, backend, frontend, and infrastructure management. With this, we lay a strong technical foundation for infinite scaling.

Startup Rescue Mission

For rebuilding and enhancing your product, use our startup rescue services. We provide code audits for plans for improvements, adding new functionalities, and even for completely rebuilding your product if fixes aren’t enough. We know how to rescue a startup quickly with cost-efficiency.

Code Refactoring

Working with legacy code is not a prudent thing to do; however, developers keep on adding to the repository of existing legacy functionalities. We open up additional avenues of returns by refactoring the legacy code with our split testing and loop rationalization approach.

Full-Fledged Development

We know the challenges and strength-points of startups viz. evolving specifications, agility, and expertise in cutting edge technology. We offer a one-stop solution for your technology needs right from idea validation, business analysis, design, and development to testing, deployment, and product support.

IR, PR, Marketing, Growth

We combine finance, communication, and marketing. We are not just a software provider but an end-to-end solutions provider who can help you build and maintain stable, transparent relationships with investors to launch and market your product in your niche domain while supporting sustainable growth.

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