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A Curious Mind.

A Kind Heart.

A Can Do Attitude.

If so, then join us.


Come join a tech community where you can thrive

We believe work is good, and not just for getting a paycheck or the next title. For us, work is a way to become a better human, develop relationships, and pursue your passion.

ceo speech
ceo speech
Annual Day Celebration
Annual Day Celebration

Who we look for...

If you loved math as a kid, have tinkered with computers all your life, or geeked out a little by how things work; we can relate. Here are some other characteristics that fit in around here.

  • You Like a
    Team Approach

    Collaboration is a competence multiplier. We believe two heads are better than one, and a cord of three is not easily broken. Work is better when done together.

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  • You Make
    Work Fun

    We spend too much time at work not to enjoy it. A cheerful spirit makes work fun. Smiles, humor, and laughter are very productive at Taazaa. We’re serious.

  • You’re a

    You care so deeply about your craft that others can feel it, and your work shows it. The quality and elegance of your work reflect much wisdom, discipline, passion, and skill. Your work challenges the status quo.

  • You Like
    Helping Others

    Coding is cool, but only as a means to a greater end: helping people. Taazaa exists to serve people, not the other way around. Creating joy is a meaningful service. You prioritize relationships over transactions and collaboration over competition.

  • You own it

    Yep, you! Making excuses is bad for results. See an issue? Fix it. Make a promise? Do it. Finger-pointing, wait & see tactics, and not-my-job attitudes don’t work here (or anywhere for that matter).


A day in the life at work

agile software development team


Competence is a pillar of trust. We strive to increase the boundaries of our competence without ever stepping outside of them.

client collaboration


Coming together is just the start, staying together is growth, and working together is a success. Targets become cakewalks when we play as a team.

best software developers


Having a passion for your work boosts motivation. That energy turns into better performance. At Taazaa, we care so much that our clients and colleagues feel it too.

software engineering discipline

Disciplined Engineering

Elegant, secure, and useful software must also minimize complexity (simple over clever), anticipate change (because rework is costly), verify easily (for independent engineers), be easy to reuse, and hard to exploit.

innovation team

Creative Thinking

Even the most challenging of problems have an elegant solution. We approach problems with CURIOSITY, look for SMARTCUTS (not shortcuts), and love to leverage GREAT QUESTIONS.

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Career Openings

Senior Software Engineer (.NET & Angular)

Full Time

Noida, India Office

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Sr. Software Engineer – Android Development

Full Time

Noida, India Office

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Technical Lead

Full Time

Noida, India Office

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Technical Manager

Full Time

Noida, India Office

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QA Lead/Business Analyst

Full Time

Noida, India Office

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