Production Quality Via Our Agile Team

Software development projects change constantly and, as an early adopter of agile project management processes, taazaa can respond to change swiftly and produce results that regularly exceed our clients’ expectations.


We produce the features with priority business value up front, while using on-going, real-time data to efficiently manage scope, time frame and budget.

The problem is a common one: stakeholders demand quality software solutions on time and within budget and just when the project is seemingly on track…the requirements change again.

At taazaa, we understand that change happens and have moved away from traditional waterfall management techniques to focus on an agile approach to development. Agile project management is a value-driven approach capable of delivering significant process benefits:

  • Stakeholders provided with continuous and accurate project updates
  • Early detection and cancellation of failing products
  • Reduced dependency on individuals provides greater flexibility
  • Improved control allows swifter reactions to change and any bottlenecks
  • Key milestones regularly met: higher quality software delivered faster.

Even when the end game is a moveable target, our Agile Project Management
technique allows us to manage change effectively, particularly in the latter stages of development.


The taazaa team keeps the client as involved as possible through the entire project cycle using the iterative and agile software development framework known as Scrum.



Taazaa ensures full logistical control over product development
using the lean and just-in-time schedule process known as Kanban.


Does Your Business

Need an Agile Approach?

Agile techniques continuously evaluate time and cost as the primary limitations to successful software development. Our Agile Project Managers examine real-time delivery metrics such as burndown, velocity and cumulative flow rather than outmoded spreadsheets and Gantt charts.

This approach delivers two powerful commercial benefits for the companies we work with:

tick   Higher quality business software          tick  Greater return on investment (ROI)

If your business desires fewer, costly end-of-project surprises and a world-class product delivered in weeks rather than months,then we can help.