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Connections for Success

Do you have standalone services that need to be connected? Don’t have time to flesh out a completely scalable API for your services? Functionality and usability are prime factors contributing to the web services in use today. Not having proper connections between services is detrimental to the core competency of progressive development. The ability to have services talk with one another will reduce the amount of errors that occur in production, increase productivity in development and give early warning signs of causes for concern to be addressed. This strategy is central to the agile development standard gripping the industry and focuses on lowering the opportunity costs of the future.

Benefits of an API

Edge the Competition
With fierce competition in the growing industry of web services, standing out in a crowd can be a tall task. You’re able to stand head and shoulders above everyone else by putting together a simple and functional API for your services. We’re able to help you strike a balance between usability and complexity to create a powerful system that relies on understandable logic. Confusion and over complex APIs become the bane of some companies because their customers associate the lack of usefulness to the company’s image. With a plethora of experience, we’re able to help you internally and externally digest an API perfectly suited for your needs.

Forging the Unknown
Part of the beauty of creating an API is the possibility of a community forming around your service. Similar to social media services, your API could be the next big market maker. A market maker represents a product or service around which new products or services are created. Imagine you’ve published your public API and the open source picks up on your ability to accomplish certain tasks, the result becomes a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Your exposure will grow with time, along with your credibility and company image. Overall, creating an API adds marketing value on top of functionality to take your company to the next level.