Web Apps for a New World


The Web 2.0 model was coined back in 1999 and was primarily associated with the web as a grouping of non-static pages. It represents the progress from our not-too-distant past from when the internet revolution began and encapsulates the present and future in which we work. This interactivity spans among many facets of the web from social networking ability to hosted services and especially web applications. With the popularity of open-source technology combined with online community development, the Web 2.0 dream is presently thriving and ever-evolving as needs become more complicated and technology becomes more ubiquitous.

How We Can Help

Constantly Evolving Technologies
As solutions evolve and become more sophisticated, a constant watch must be maintained to stay relevant on the internet. We stay up to date with all of the best cutting edge technologies, techniques and practices used to keep the web moving. To achieve this goal, we leverage several key strategies all at once to ensure a well-rounded composition. The first plan of action is to look at past projects to see what we’ve done and to improve upon their designs. The second is to see how these projects performed in the industry as a whole and to leverage any benefits not already utilized. Lastly, we constantly follow the development and release of new feature sets and components located within these technologies. Adhering to a strict philosophy of always learning, thinking creatively and always improving, we are able to increase productivity while also increasing quality of work.

Results-Oriented Solutions
At Taazaa, we pride ourselves on not only keeping up with current standards within each service but look to bridge the gap left by individual innovations. We accomplish this goal by combining several technologies into a comprehensive holistic solution custom-tailored to the needs of the customer. We recognize that every project is different and requires appropriate attention to detail to achieve a particular result. Using agile development techniques, we selectively target the strengths of a given technology to leverage for our use and productivity. Similar to a orchestral ensemble, we weave together the necessary components into a tightly knit package designed to meet your needs.