Communication Made Easy

Two Necessary Components

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Process Automation (SPA) software suites are two key factors into driving more customers to your site and retaining those customers for their future needs. CRM software provides you the ability to keep constant communication with your customers that allows for them to provide feedback to improve your customer service. Taazaa is proud to provide CRM solutions through platforms that include SugarCRM, Salesforce, and more.

The SPA provides a seamless transition between the stages of a life cycle of a sale. These stages range from email campaigns to customer retention. Between the two suites, top line growth occurs while increasing the bottom line repeat business of loyal customers.

How to Grow

Isolating the Problem

There are several obstacles in growing a business which technology is able to help solve. One such problem is the overhead dedicated to the sales process and accounting for sales performance. Another bottleneck occurs when you are trying to market your future products/services without the help of an e-mail campaign manager. We have the ability to customize a pre-existing software suite or provide you with a completely customized piece of software that you are able to use to the fullest extent.

Maintaining the Trajectory

To keep your top line growing and your customer base coming back, you invariably have to keep updating your software with better and more functional features. With Taazaa, you’re always able to add more features to your open source of customized software. We provide you with the expertise needed to expand into more versatile functionality or creating a smoother sales process. In addition to software development, we’re also able to integrate the plugins that are available for the software suite to easily expand the services you need.