Metro at its Finest

Get in Early

The Windows Phone Operating Systems offers a unique opportunity to jump into a growing market of users. Many of the early adopters from Windows Mobile have made their way to Windows Phone and have enjoyed success on the app market. As the current app market for Windows Phone is still in its infancy stages, the chances of being noticed as a premier application are a lot greater due to the lack of competition. Early success on such a platform can be translated into revenue as your success grows with the market. We are able to design and utilize the features found in the Windows Phone to establish a basis of maturation to cultivate a fully developed user environment.

Metro Style

As Windows continues to redesign the operating system experience, the benefits can be felt in its mobile creation. Tiles have revolutionized the way users interact with their phone and provide a new outlet to capitalize on evolving technology. As more and more positive feedback reiterates the adoption of Windows Phone, you are able establish a presence in a growing market. We use your mobile expertise to help you design an application that fits your needs and provides value to your user-base.

Integration Galore

Windows OS for PCs is the largest presence in the computing market and having the ability to integrate into such a widely-adopted system is crucial. Windows Phone has been designed to sync easily with Windows 7 and Windows 8, and we able to help you leverage this connectivity to the fullest extent. At Taazaa, we design your application from the ground up with security and connectivity in mind employing agile development techniques. While maintaining high standards for quality, we are able to increase productivity without sacrificing sustainability.