We Can Build Your App for That

Moving Toward Mobile

According to AdMob Mobile Metrics report in 2010, North America represented largest consumer of iOS devices, with large growth expected in developing nations. The iOS platform is being adopted in the business sector along with the living room sector. More companies are utilizing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for employee mobile phones, which increases the penetration of Apple’s products inside the workplace. As many have also noticed, kids love to play games and parents love to watch movies, all on their iPad tablet, which is a market leader in personal computing. As more and more people move to a mobile device, their adoption into your core service lines will predicate the growth of your company.

Apps Help Sell Themselves

One of the biggest benefits of mobile computing is that it is mobile. People take their devices everyone and use them when they have a spare moment to catch up on news, play a game or watch a show. With a mobile app, you inherently have a marketing campaign produced by customers using your app during their daily routine. To ensure your application withstands the test of time, we help create a blueprint for the future by walking you through the steps of design, implementation and maintenance. With an emphasis on security and functionality, your app will stand out as a unique product.

Two Birds, One Stone

At Apple, one of the strategies behind the iPhone and iPad framework is the ability to run the same application on both devices. This venture has proven tremendously successful as 91% of iPad owners have downloaded an app, and many of them have purchased an app from the App Store, according to the Nielsen Company. At Taazaa, we focus on assisting you with bringing your application to market by developing a superior product using agile development principles. With expertise in mobile development, we are able to pinpoint bottlenecks in the application structure to provide you with quick feedback and fast results.