The Most Popular Mobile OS Worldwide

Biggest in the Game

As of Quarter 4, 2012, the Android Operating System retains the vast majority of market share in the mobile computing space with nearly 70% of all smartphones and 30% of all phones. Creating an application for the Android OS is second to none in terms of exposure and recognition. Partly due to Google’s ‘Free to Use’ strategy, you are able to reap the benefits of progressive mobile applications by harnessing the power of mobility and connectivity. As more and more testing is done for Android on resource-scarce devices, the presence in developing nations will continue to grow and you will benefit from global marketing and communication. Forecasts continue to see Android as a dominant player in the mobile computing industry utilizing their open source mentality to draw a larger community with value in mind.

More Devices, More Opportunity

Not only does Android bode well for the smart-phone community, their presence is also felt in the tablet space with the addition of Android OS v3 and above. Android tablets are attracting a unique cross-section of individuals who enjoy playing mobile games, but also people who like to tinker with open source projects. This evolving group of users culminates in a diverse customer experience from which you are able to draw. We are able to help bring out the inherent benefits of Android, such as its unique set of features, unparalleled documentation and ability to customize the open source code specifically for your use.

Write Once and Computer Anywhere

With the advent of Android OS v4 and above, the benefits of v2 (smartphone only) and v3 (tablet only) were rolled into one package to create a more diverse set of features available to the application developer. Similar to way the iOS works for both the iPhone and iPad, the Android OS is the same for both the phone and tablet, but is available to be used by a host of different devices. We are able to help you customize an application to suit your needs while maintaining the security and performance to sustain success. Our experience and expertise allows us to develop a superior product in an agile environment to ensure quality of service and decreased lag time.