Join the Growing Market

A New Opportunity

The Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program enables mobile app developers to make their apps available for sale on Amazon and the Kindle Fire family of tablets. By joining the program, you are able to market your apps to tens of millions of Amazon customers and millions of Kindle Fire customers using Amazon’s proven marketing features and manage your apps using convenient self-service account management tools. This represents a great opportunity because Amazon pays developers 70% of the marketplace list price for all sales. Amazon is an up and coming platform to showcase your applications and increases your ability to grab and hold the attention as you grow with the market.

Customers In Mind

Customers can discover and shop for apps on their Android mobile devices. Amazon Apps currently supports the Android operating system and works on Android devices running Android OS 2.2 and higher. Amazon markets your apps using proven ecommerce and marketing features such as search and search refinement, browse, and app recommendations based on customers’ past purchases. For customers shopping on the U.S. website, Amazon offers Amazon Appstore for Android as a department where customers can search, browse, and purchase apps.

Revolutionary Concepts

Amazon allows you to demonstrate and play with apps in the browser with no download needed. This may be the most significant feature of Amazon’s contribution by allowing users to actually use an application, even without an Android handset. In developer’s eyes, test driving applications means consumers may be more inclined to spill the cash, especially on more expensive apps. For consumers, it means there’s much less risk of buying something you didn’t actually want. Aside from their unique pricing model, Amazon, unlike Google, is not offering a portal for all developers to market their apps; instead, they aim to make the most profit possible from a business standpoint. This means that the applications that Amazon promotes and sells are going to be of a higher quality than the most-things-pass attitude of Google.