Multiple Platforms to Fit Your Needs.

Taazaa provides expertise in a variety of technologies specializing in web-based application, cloud, server hosting, android and mobile technologies. Our team exploits the latest technologies, trends, and practices to provide clear, measurable value to fit our clients’ requirement. We also know that security is of importance at various levels. Placing special emphasis on the security of clients’ data, we deploy recognized best practices in SSL and encryption technology wherever necessary.

Our development team exercise a high level of expertise and are well versed in the following development platforms. If you don’t see what you are looking here, then call us as we’ve plenty more up our sleeves.

ASP.NET, Microsoft’s web development framework is the second most popular open source server-side web application framework that we use to produce quality dynamic web pages and applications. Released in 2002 along with the .NET Framework, this tool allows programmers to build powerful dynamic websites, web applications and web services.


LAMP is a software bundle we use as a platform, consisting of Linux as the operating system, the Apache HTTP server, the MySQL data engine, and Python/PHP. Linux is a powerful and open-source operating system, while Apache is the world’s most popular web server utility, hosting over 50% of the world’s servers. MySQL is a multi-user database that allows for efficient management of database data, while Python and PHP serve as powerful programming languages for a variety of tasks. This comprehensive solution stack is used by Taazaa for secure web development and server hosting for all our clients’ needs.


The Android SDK is a software development kit for Google’s mobile Android operating system, which we use to create beautiful applications for Android devices using Java. The mobile world is growing, and our clients’ needs for apps-on- the-go are greater than ever, especially on the world’s most-used mobile operative system.


MEAN is a free and open-source JavaScript solution stack compromised of the following:

  • MongoDB – NoSQL Database
  • Angular.js – Javascript MVC web app framework
  • Node.js – Javascript platform for scalable server-side apps
  • Express.js – Javascript web app framework

Using this package stack, the team at Taazaa is able to provide dynamic websites and web applications using open-source technologies.