Best Practice is Knowing The Importance of Quality

At taazaa, we strive to inject quality across every in-house process in an effort to deliver effective solutions. Through our pool of talented people, rich technology competencies, best practices and a passion for quality software, we are instrumental in creating stronger businesses for all our clients.

Assured Software Quality

Taazaa is able to deliver quality bespoke software via a seven-step management process: a sequence which is designed to continuously improve developmental quality at each stage.


Effective Testing and QA Implementation

Division-wide testing and Quality Assurance is fundamental to a successful developmental outcome. We regularly fine-tune these areas across the company in order to provide our clients with maximum confidence in the promised result.

  • Taazaa is committed to a robust and certified development process
  • From the management team to admin staff: everyone knows the value of testing & QA
  • We only use technically and commercially experienced testing staff
  • Deliverables are always defined and kept front of mind
  • Appropriate tools and metrics are deployed across the development process
  • Our developers operate in a secure testing environment to ensure consistency of quality
  • Test data and any changes in configuration are tracked daily

Equally, we recognize the importance of having an awareness process that requires management commitment at every business unit level.

Best Coding Practices

In providing our clients with the very best business tools, the project teams at taazaa are focused on the key tenants of software quality: maintainability, dependability, efficiency and usability. For us, best coding practice starts even before we get to the coding stage, which sets us up to win.

Taazaa Prerequisites

We examine all the preconditions of the coding stage and will focus on key learnings:

  • Development Structure: We devise a framework that is used to structure, plan and control the life cycle of all our software tools.
  • Software Requirements: Before any code construction starts, we define a clear statement of the problem the software is required to solve.
  • System Architecture: In building the framework we decide what needs doing and the program component required.
  • Design Detail: Our design parameters design provide the guide for actual coding and fill in the details missed from the architecture stage.
  • Programming Language: When choosing the right programming language, we start with the problem, decide what its requirements are and their relevance to the overall project.

Taazaa Coding Standards

We establish the appropriate programming conventions prior to coding to avoid the near impossible task of changing code to match them later.

  • Commenting: For consistency of application, we practice leaving comments behind in code.
  • Naming Conventions: As we deal with real data, taazaa uses descriptive names in the code in order to save time.
  • Code Simple: Where possible, we keep the code our developers write simple.
  • Portability: Our program code is never hard-coded so client applications can run on a host with a different design if required.

Taazaa Code Development

Building and developing code is done through the process of continuous integration and continuous delivery. Only until both parties are satisfied will code be finally deployed.