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    Microsoft .NET Development

    Providing Unmatched Microsoft .NET Development Experience

    We build Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Cloud Apps, Microservices, Machine Learning Solutions, IoT Apps - powered by Microsoft .NET

    • 01.

      Microsoft .NET is consistent, well documented, and easy to operate software stack.

    • 02.

      It has been ranked as the ‘most loved’ framework in the stack overflow survey.

    • 03.

      We have worked .NET makes it possible to reuse code across 60 programming languages be it C#, VB, C++, or even Iron Ruby. on multiple projects and have deployed solutions based on ASP.NET, C#, SharePoint, and other frontrunner Microsoft technologies.

    • 04.

      .NET offers enhanced security due to features such as code access security and role-based security offered by its Common Language Runtime.

    • 05.

      .NET framework eases the deployment because of features such as controlled code sharing, partially trusted code, and no-impact applications.

    Microsoft .NET Development Services

    Taazaa is a Microsoft .NET development company that provides reliable custom solutions catering to the requirements of businesses of all sizes, at all locations, and across every vertical of industry.

    Enterprise .NET solutions

    We adopt best DevOps methodologies such as continuous integration and rapid deployment to give an agile workflow to in your enterprise-level .NET projects. Our .NET enterprise applications streamline the business processes and boost revenue.

    SaaS Solutions

    Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has become a prevalent model for operational transformation. We are your technological partners for SaaS applications centered on accounting, video, CRM, collaboration, promotion, or entertainment.

    Cloud Integration

    Taazaa uses integration tools in .NET suite to create hybrid software solutions that move your in-house data center over the cloud. We coordinate with organizations’ in-house mission-critical applications and enable secure accessibility from the cloud.

    Internet Of Things

    Our .NET developers utilize innovative methods and bring simplicity to our clients’ connected devices. Right from firmware integration and mobile apps for IoT devices; we build powerful custom IoT applications.

    .NET MVC development

    We provide end-to-end .NET MVC solutions for crafting interactive portals that encourage scalable growth. We build .NET MVC software solutions for mobile, cloud, and web—and integrate these with existing ERP, CRM, or other proprietary applications.

    .NET eCommerce development

    .NET offers powerful web application building capability that boosts the sales force of a business. We kick-start your online sales through a .NET based eCommerce portal having a simple interface and top-class security features.

    Industries We Serve

    We provide .NET development services for numerous industry verticals, including but not limited to:

    • Healthcare and Fitness

      We’ve built HIPAA-compliant remote patient monitoring systems, data analysis platforms, and mobile diagnostic platforms for leading healthcare organizations.

    • Logistics and Transportation

      We’ve developed perfectly integrated solutions for transition management, logistics, and supply-chain operations.

    • Education

      Our EdTech solutions have enabled our clients to provide a personalized education experience through the best utilization of knowledge infrastructure.

    • Real Estate

      We’ve developed property management tools that fulfill the day-to-day needs of property owners and tenants.

    • Media and Entertainment

      We’ve created artificial intelligence chatbots, brand management software, and video streaming applications to digitalize entertainment and media business.

    • Finance and Banking

      We’ve built software solutions for point of sale, asset management, cryptocurrency wallets, and enterprise-level financial IT systems.

    Why Choose Taazaa?

    We pay attention to the minute details, stick to timelines, and implement the best project management practices.

    • Agile methodology

      We actively engage project stakeholders for ensuring user satisfaction and better control over the results.

    • Dedicated team members

      We assign dedicated developers who meet the clients’ needs regarding scope, expertise, and skills.

    • 100% transparency

      We encourage clients to see the development in real-time for any problems, bottlenecks, or holes in the development process.

    • Delivery as promised

      We promise to deliver functional software as per the milestones and deadlines decided in the contract.

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    Microsoft .NET is a sturdy platform

    that enables the building of applications ranging from simple to the most intricate.

    This platform also offers scalability to create solutions across various industry verticals and devices. Being one of the top Microsoft.NET stack development company, Taazaa has full expertise in building user-friendly, feature-rich, and highly functional software solutions for web platforms, smartphones, as well as desktop systems.

    Taazaa is a software development company with global ambitions that was founded on a belief that software should reduce human suffering. We provide unmatched value to our global clientele through our consulting, designing, development, and outsourcing services. We firmly believe that change is the only constant, and our name Taazaa signifies our approach to software development. We follow agile principles of software development and deliver it as per the milestones defined. We have worked crisscross the industry verticals.

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