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Online Rental Property Management Software Development

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The Challenge

The client wanted to ease the property management for small and independent landlords.

The challenge was to conceptualize and develop a simple, bloat-free, and freely offered property-management-tool for smaller property owners. The tool should be feature-rich to be used for purposes like marketing the property, encouraging on-time payments by tenants, keeping track of the transactions, raising requests for repairs.
The aim was to offer two separate sets of personalized dashboards having all the quick insights for landlords and tenants. The tool to be developed should act as the facilitator platform for property owners by keeping track of all the specifics of rent management such as detail of tenant, lease executed, payment of rent, invoice generation, maintenance requests retrieval, reminder-messaging.
It should also be able to generate periodic as well as on-demand reports with the option of searching and filtering by the property, tenant name, date range, invoice type, and mode of payment
There should be the provisioning of leases to be sent, signed, and stored electronically with the additional option of auto-renewals in the facilitation dashboard of tenants. The payment of rents via e-Checks and credit cards was also to be secured. Along with this, the feature of payment-requests auto-generation and tracking was also to be incorporated.


We worked closely with
independent landlords and renters
to design an application they
would actually use.

We took insights into the requirement by working in close coordination with the client, and a few independent landlords and smaller property owners. With this exercise, we understood why traditional big-budget property management tools could not prove to be the proper solution for the current challenges.
Firstly, they are so rich in features that they bloat the experience of smaller and mid-sized property owners having straightforward requirements. Secondly, these property management tools charge exorbitant fees from often budgetary constrained independent landlords as compensation for their usage.
Hence, our solution was perceived to be a lightweight and free-from-bloat property management tool having only the most essential feature-set.
The web-based interface was built to be a Rich Internet Application (RIA). Thus, for simplifying the development and testing process, AngularJS 7 was weighed to be the most suited front-end web framework.
For running the users’ requests over the originating server, ASP.NET Web API was deployed. As the solution required only data as a response of the landlords’ requests and not HTML view, the choice of ASP.NET Web API caused faster response times. MySQL relational database management system was used for enabling the users to describe, generate, sustain, and regulate access to the individual database.
Landlords with whom we held detailed discussions were much concerned about the privacy issues and data security, so robust cryptographic algorithm AES128 was deployed for all communications emancipating to-and-fro the server, landlords, and tenants. Two-factor authentication for the validation of each login session is implemented as an additional layer of security.

The Solution

Our solution is a Web-based application, which enables landlords to invite prospective tenants electronically. Submitted applications are then sorted, and reference gets thoroughly checked. The application developed serves as a 360 degrees complete property management tool for smaller and mid-sized inventories. The robust solution solves all the issues in managing and notifying lease renewals, repair requests, and other vital communications from the tenants. Landlords also get statistical insights into their rented properties.
The developed solution is, thus, a complete modern, scalable service for independent landlords and tenants. It simplifies the process and saves a lot of time, money, and effort of landlords and tenants.

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