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    Impact Areas

    Areas of business and technology impact.


    Healthcare Software Development service


    We’ve helped some of the world’s leading healthcare institutions build HIPAA compliant patient monitoring, data analysis platforms, and mobile diagnostic platforms.

    Logistic Software Development service

    Transportation & Logistics

    Partner with us for a perfectly integrated solution in Logistics, Distribution, Warehouse Management, or Supply-Chain operations.

    Education software development service


    Our learning solutions have let our clients impart an individualized learning experience, ensuring the optimal utilization of their knowledge infrastructure.

    Real Estate software development service

    Real Estate

    We have worked with landlords, property owners, students, and tenants for building property management solutions. We have built systems that support real-estate professionals with their promotional targets via intelligent engagement tools.

    startup software development service

    Technology Startups

    We believe in ‘fresh thinking engineered’ and ‘release early and often’, which aligns well with startup’s need for innovation with speed.



    Microsoft .NET Stack

    Microsoft .NET Stack is still the most feature-rich and thoroughly battle-tested platform. As Alan Kay said, “Simple things should be simple; complex things should be possible”


    Node, React & Angular

    For modern web applications this open source collection of JavaScript technologies allows front and back end development using a common language that is flexible, scalable, and easy to update.


    Mobile Development

    Mobilize your business with custom, industry-specific native iOS and Android apps build for the enterprise and consumers.


    AI & ML

    Automate routine operations, deepen insights from big data, and improve decision-making using artificial intelligence.



    See and act on the critical data being produced by sensors monitoring your critical machines, connected devices, and physical assets through our custom developed web and mobile platforms.