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One of taazaa’s primary functions is software development, and we’ve got the tools to do it. With expertise in a variety of programming languages, taazaa can offer flexible software solutions to our clients, whether it be a custom content management system,  eCommerce web app,  mobile application, or any other one of the services we provide.



Released in 1995, Java is one of the most common and well-known object-oriented programming languages, with a developer base exceeding 9 million. taazaa utilizes Java for a variety of applications, including Android development and client-server web applications. Being a portable language, we’re able to program in Java for a variety of devices, from phone apps to full-on desktop applications. Java is one of several object-oriented languages we provide expertise in, the others including Objective-C and C#.


HTML5 is the core XML-based markup language of the internet, and is the latest revision of the HTML standard that was created all the way back in 1990. HTML5 presents a variety of new features, attributes, and elements to help us create dynamic and beautiful websites and web applications. In addition to new features, HTML5 resulted in the removal of deprecated ones. While older versions of HTML continue to be supported for the time being, it’s important to upgrade and ensure new HTML projects meet HTML5 standards. The taazaa team is excited to work with these latest web standard, providing experience and skill in proper HTML5 coding.




JavaScript is a common dynamic programming language most commonly used on webpages. Through JavaScripting, taazaa is able to provide client-side scripts for flexible web applications that allow for greater interaction between the website and the end-user, including content management systems and eCommerce websites. The web solutions that JavaScript can help provide are endless!


Taazza uses PHP for server-side scripting for web development and general purpose programming. PHP is currently used on more than 240 million websites and 2 million web servers, a solution which taazaa also implements into its web-based projects. PHP can easily be mixed with HTML code to create powerful and dynamic websites and frameworks.




C# is a popular programming language used within the Microsoft .NET environment for developing programs. It provides a clean, modern, and object-oriented solution to application design. taazaa currently develops in C# 5.0, the latest iteration of the language.


Python is growing in popularity as a general purpose, high-level language used by us for various applications. Known for its readability, power, and syntax, Python provides a variety of solutions in various environments, including object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles. taazaa implements Python for scripting and applications for our clients.




Swift is one of the latest programming languages, having been released in 2014 by Apple for iOS and OS X development. Designed to eventually replace Objective-C, taazaa is working to implement Swift development into our core in order to offer mobile apps using the latest technology.


Objective-C, like Java, is a common object-oriented programming language used by the taazaa team for programming on iOS devices. Developed by Apple in the early 1980’s, the language is slowly being phased out in favor of Apple’s new language, Swift – a language taazaa is getting a head-start on to use for development.