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    Healthcare App Development

    The road to effective healthcare solutions is paved with skilled intensions.


    The global healthcare IT market currently stands at $ 188 billion in 2019 and shall reach $391 billion by 2024.


    Healthcare faces interoperability issues among different software systems for exchanging data. Deloitte's survey reveals that the majority of physicians want EHR interoperability as a top enhancement in healthcare IT systems.


    Payers, providers, labs, pharmacies, and patients generate massive amounts of data. Not only the healthcare sector faces a challenge in access and storage but also in converting that data into meaningful insights.


    The upkeep of obsolete technology is another significant challenge. Most of the developed solutions are not upgraded properly, to meet the latest technological needs. It leaves them vulnerable to cyber-attacks and theft of protected health information.


    Despite HIPAA and HITECH's passage, the security and integrity of protected health data remain the challenge. NTTSecurity's threat report says that 88% of ransomware detections throughout the USA occurred at healthcare organizations.

    Our know-hows

    Telehealth Solutions

    Thinking of patient engagement, outside conventional clinical settings? There are countless perks of remote patient care. Easy access to patients’ data, high-quality care, more patients per doctor, lower burnout for caregivers, and lower costs are just a few. We would love to help with your virtual care road-map of an end-to-end telehealth platform.

    EMR and EHR Solutions

    Electronic records are a must for any healthcare provider to stay competitive. We tailor build EMR solutions to suit your specific needs, some of the common features are patient scheduling, workflow automation, task management, charting, e-prescribing, patient portal, billing, data analytics, HIPAA compliance, lab integration, outcome analysis, health history, etc.

    mHealth Apps

    Boost engagement by reaching patients on their mobile devices with specific or multi-purpose mHealth Apps. Healthcare mobile apps are fast, convenient, cost-effective, and a great way to foster patient engagement. Leverage our mHealth development service to explore endless possibilities. Remember, small screens can help you achieve big goals.

    Hospital Management Software

    Over the years, we have gained insights into intricacies in healthcare providers' functioning and compliance. That has helped us built quality customized Hospital Management Software solutions (HMS) for some of our clients. Our development approach optimizes, manage, and track the financial and organizational workflow efficiently.

    BI Solutions

    Healthcare organizations today, are generating tons of digital data, however, in most cases, this useful data remains unused. We help healthcare providers make sense of this data by implementing custom BI solutions. Business intelligence solutions help in driving clinical decision making, reduce operation costs, improve patient satisfaction, and ensures data security.

    Interactive Patient Portals

    Value-based care demands improved patient engagement through interactive portals. Solutions where users can participate and maintain treatment in their care. We help hospitals and care units provide improved patient engagement, fast communication, improved outcomes, and reduce costs while adhering to required standards and regulations.

    Pharmacy Management

    Our expertise in developing custom Pharmacy management solutions can help you with streamline drug dispensing, improve patient medication adherence, and clinical programs. Talk to us if you are looking to get developed a pharmacy software, automation system, or pharmacy compounding software developed.

    Nextgen Connect

    We provide state-of-the-art Nextgen Connect custom support services for easing the management of information. Taazaa's expert developers assist healthcare institutions in building, updating, or migrating tech solutions from ground-up. We also integrate open source Nextgen Connect extensions into data repositories for programming user-dependent consent protocols.


    We create customized electronic prescription software to help the pharmacies scale up to high demands. We have dedicated and highly experienced teams of developers that implement a host of e-prescribing platforms, be it - Allscripts, Surescripts, DoseSpot, DrFirst, or NueMD.

    Health Information Exchange

    We implement the Health Information Exchange (HIE) software solutions and services for personalized patient care. Taazaa's experience in customized HIE solutions provides the requisite flexibility for the integration of the latest health-related statistics for the secure exchange among the patients and the medical practitioners.

    Conformity with Standards and Regulations

    Taazaa follows all the regulatory standards and privacy laws as mandated by the federal government

    and the respective state governments. We have set up internal checks and balances as specified by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009, the Medicare Access and Children's Health Insurance Program Re-authorization Act of 2015 (MACRA).

    Technological Acumen

    We have extensive experience and development capabilities in the domain of healthcare

    This experience helps us to design efficient software solutions, even if the business model is complex. We assist our clients in taking the maximum benefit of this data-centric age to serve their patients in a better way. We make sure that our clients synchronize their actions taken online with the offline data to rationalize the organizational workflow. Our solutions allow the optimal management of resources.

    Our Healthcare Solutions Cut Costs

    Our software solutions allow healthcare professionals to render secondary healthcare services -

    such as insurance or continued care. Taazaa's allied healthcare software services include claim management, billing, and analytics—enabling fraud detection and preventing burning a hole in our clients' balance sheet.

    We Are Solution Developers

    Our developers have got skills to work on a diverse range of healthcare requisites,

    be it responsive development, interactive mobile solution, or medical ERP. Taazaa provides stable and scalable software solutions as per the latest regulations of the healthcare industry. At Taazaa, we believe that focused efforts lead to better results.

    Improve efficiency for your practice

    Get to know more about our healthcare app development services. We would love to help you build what you need.

    We build custom healthcare solutions that help

    hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and other care providers with
    improved patient outcomes, reduced costs, and value-based care.

    Our software solutions are clean with uncluttered interfaces that are designed for efficiency accessibility. We use our deep expertise in healthcare software development to look into each projects’ details and accomplish quantifiable business results. You can be assured of a highly fault-tolerant secure solution.
    The same principles guide our IT endeavors in the healthcare domain. We provide unmatched value to our partners by providing consulting, designing, development, and maintenance services.

    With Taazaa, you'll get

    • Healthcare specific UI & UX

    • Streamlined clinical workflows

    • Healthcare compliance (HIPAA, HITECH, SSAE)

    • Hybrid development approach

    • Interoperability through seamless data transfer

    • Robust and secure systems