Adding Value Via Deep- Rooted Principles

Our world-class software solutions are engineered out of a pragmatic and disciplined approach. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver quality and excellence via agile methodologies.

Our Disciplined Engineering Mandate

Each member of Taazaa staff is committed to redefining the benchmark of software development through our company’s mandate for disciplined engineering. This directive ensures we bring a professional approach to every project.

  • We promise effective, dynamic software which is fit for purpose
  • We offer individual excellence via a community of creative professionals
  • We continually look for the exceptional in an effort to add commercial value
  • We consider ourselves partners, focused on success through collaboration

The mandate is deliverable via the application of a number of agile process principles which Taazaa project management staff adhere to closely and skill fully. We have a number of set principles that we abide by:


Furthermore, taazaa’s principles of agile process are supported by the very latest development techniques and practices:

  • Coding Katas: Through focused practice and repetition programming exercises our engineers are able to fine-tune their skills and offer unparalleled attention to detail
  • Peer Code Reviews: This systematic examination of source code via pair programming, informal walkthroughs and formal inspections ensures any errors overlooked in the initial development phase are totally eradicated.
  • Scrum: Using this empirical approach, the project team is able to react efficiently when clients change their minds about what is exactly required. Scrum is designed around the provision of comprehensive and bespoke solutions and we focus on intake of business goals, schedule kick-off, sprint development and agreed deployment. Read More…
  • Kanban: Kanban allows the project team to manage workflow with an emphasis on time-bound deliverables. Priority tasks can be pulled from the project queue by individual team members which maximizes our overall efficiency without ever be over-stretched. Through Kanban we focus on workflow visibility, task completion, explicit processes and progress monitoring. Read More…

Open Forum Discussions: Technical forum discussions empower our technical team and help facilitate peer programming and the sharing of new ideas, technologies and techniques. The freshest, boldest ideas are then incorporated across the development process.