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Whether you’re a startup with product sketch or an established company needing to expand your development team, we can help meet your custom software needs.

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Reduce development costs and leap ahead of the competition with help from Taazaa.

Distance Learning Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic forced universities and schools to quickly pivot to distance learning solutions. Now, many educators are adopting online and blended learning courses to keep taking advantage of the benefits distance learning offers.

We can help you develop a next-generation distance learning solution, built on the latest platforms and technologies.

Flipped Classroom Solutions

Traditionally, teachers would lecture students in the classroom, and students would complete homework after school. In flipped classrooms, students watch lesson videos outside the classroom and use in-class time to collaborate on assignments with their teachers and classmates.

We can help develop cloud-based software to facilitate flipped classrooms, improve studentteacher communication, and enable students to upload homework.

Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems give teachers a way to create and deliver their own lesson content, track student participation, and monitor student performance. Students can use interactive features such as threaded discussions, video conferencing, and discussion forums to enhance their understanding of a lesson or topic. Whether you need server-side development, user interface design, or custom features, our development team has the expertise you need.

MOOCs and ePortfolios

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and ePortfolios allow educators to verify student skills and knowledge, and help students publish their qualifications when seeking a job.

If you need help building a custom MOOC and ePortfolio solution, our team can lend the extra bandwidth and skills you need.

Automated Grading Systems

Automated grading systems—powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning—can free up the hours teachers spend grading tests. As AI technology grows more sophisticated, these systems may even be able to cross-reference short answer or essay question responses with a cloud database to determine if the answer is correct.

We can help you build an automated grading system based on the latest AI and machine learning technologies.

Learning Analytics Solutions

Learning analytics solutions give teachers insight into their students’ learning processes. For example, teachers can determine the way a student best absorbs information—reading, seeing images, or watching videos—and tailor their lesson plans to match.

Learning analytics also helps educators better reach students with academic or behavioral challenges.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Cutting-edge institutions are exploring immersive learning through virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). VR surrounds the student in a created, interactive environment, while AR creates an informational layer through which the student sees the real world or a specific image. These technologies can simulate or enhance hands-on learning for STEM topics, medical training, and other complex areas.

Got an idea for an educational VR or AR application? We can help you build it.

Bring your innovative EdTech solution to life with fresh product engineering from Taazaa.

How We Work 

We begin with an analysis of your software and operations, and an in-depth review of your technology. We then develop style concepts, create a preliminary design and a prototype, and work with you to figure out the estimate, budget, and timeline of the project. 

Then we deliver a fresh EdTech solution you’ll love developed by a team you’ll enjoy working with. Our iterative approach lets you to give feedback early and often, and we perform continuous testing and integration until the final product is ready for launch.  

Get outstanding EdTech software, a quick turnaround, and excellent results from a technology partner you’ll actually enjoy working with—Taazaa.