How We Think

Creative thoughts lead to create action.

Taazaa employs creative thinking in order to create effective business tools that are both elegant and innovative. Creativity starts with the right people and creative thinking is at the heart of our agile process and is structured to ensure effective and profitable outcomes.

Reframing opens up a sequence of creative software opportunities by changing our interpretation of a given business situation or commercial need. Reframing enables us to find new possibilities where other development companies only see obstacles. Through reframing we consider many aspects of a given project: context, use, learning opportunities, alternative problem solving and points of view. It is more than just an intellectual exercise: it changes the way we feel about a project, which in turn enhances our capacity for action.

Mind Mapping takes the project process away from a traditional linear sequencing form and helps us view development in a more holistic fashion. The ability to lay out the project elements in a radial fashion from a central theme or concept, allows us to build ideas around the concept more easily. A mind map is a more visual approach to how a given application is best designed and implemented and its interactive format gives our engineers greater scope to realize greater potential for any project.

Insight is the start point of most creative breakthroughs and it is central to our creative thought process. At its core, insight is simply about thinking a problem through…and there is no substitute for that. However, at taazaa, our insight process includes a number of key stages including: gathering relevant information and research around each business problem; thinking how best to combine the available data into an effective solution; developing the essential insight through an incubation period and, finally, expanding possibilities for the insight, critiquing any weaknesses and translating that into action.

Creative Flow is the moment when all the conditions are perfect and each element of a web or mobile application project – function, look, feel, usability – fall seamlessly into place. Creative flow doesn’t happen by chance so we put in the necessary steps to ensure we get to this place with each client brief. We make sure each project member is clear on the task objectives and that there is a balance between challenge and skills. Action and awareness are continually merged and there is immediate feedback to all actions. Most importantly, the project team is not distracted by conflicting priorities so they can be fully absorbed in the task.