10 Best E-Learning Apps Trending These Days

E-learning is a phenomenal development in the learning sector. As opposed to the contrary belief that education could be imparted only by the conventional means, this new technology has rewritten many rules. This form of learning has undoubtedly taken the world by storm and is for sure to stay. The revolution brought about by e-learning is benefiting students, professionals, housewives, senior citizens alike. The most convenient medium for e-learning is the mobile phone. Most of the developed world population has access to a mobile phone [...]

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How to Ensure Cross Team Coordination to Complete Projects on Time

Remember what it was like before project management tools entered the picture? Providing deliverable on time to clients was one of the biggest challenges organizations faced. Technically, it is true even today.  But why so? Why did completing planning to execution phases became cumbersome for project teams? Were tasks not divided correctly among teams? Did lack of communication delayed the execution of the project? Or did teams failed to collaborate effectively? Each question may sound bitter. But all these stand true. They are giveaways why [...]

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Simplifying Application Deployments with Docker

Every development team has its own standards for deploying applications. Each of these standards come with challenges and trade-offs. While it seems that no deployment solution is perfect, developers do everything possible to make it easier, seamless, and more effective for the business. One main issue with standard deployment is the team's response to critical, high-priority bugs. The delay in deployed bug fixes is often due to traditional standards built into the minds of most developers, but the introduction of containers alleviates much of the [...]

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Python Tools for Data Mining

What's Data Mining? The goal of data mining is to gain actionable insights from an organization's data: businesses decide what they can do based on what they know about the data they have. Put another way, data mining is all about taking a huge amount of data and extracting insights from it, much like how physical mining extracts a small amount of precious metal from large piles of raw ore. Data mining, however uses statistics, code, and machine learning algorithms instead of explosives and smelting. [...]

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Technical Debt: When to Accrue and When to Pay Down?

We've all done it more often then we care to admit: that quick and dirty coding that works perfectly well for what it’s meant to address but which sets up roadblocks for future progress. A hurriedly fudged fix, maybe, that solved a sticky problem but locks you into a configuration you might not want to stay in forever. Or a new feature added on without much attention to what went before and no attention to what will come after. You’ve bought a little time, but [...]

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Leveraging Apache Spark for All Your Big Data Needs

Big data storage and compatibility is still in its infancy, and it can be a hurdle for even the most experienced database administrator to understand. Moving from traditional SQL and relational databases to big data reservoirs is an exercise in patience. It's also challenging for administrators used to standard database warehouse design. The move is even more challenging when you need to transform "dirty data" into organized data sets. With Apache Spark, much of the overhead and difficult processing is handled by its core, and [...]

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What is Microservice Architecture and How Can It Help Your Business Innovate?

For years, software developers were tasked with maintaining and building monolithic applications that spanned their entire user-base. Monolithic applications could be modular, but ultimately every moving part affects the entire application. When coders deployed new code, QA had to test the entire application to ensure stability. Microservices changes the way applications are developed, and they make each moving part much more independent so that one change to a container only affects one component of your environment. Understanding Old-School Traditional Programming Most of the legacy applications [...]

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Fundamentals of Building Distributed Applications on Blockchain

You've probably heard of the recent Bitcoin bubble. The cryptocurrency has exploded in just a few years from a few dollars to almost $20,000 in value. Although Bitcoin is the most commonly known cryptocurrency, there is much more to it than just Bitcoins and their value. One of cryptocurrency's biggest advantages is that it's decentralized digital form of money, which has been a foundation for further expanded decentralized blockchain applications. What is the Blockchain? Before we get into the applications, you should first understand the [...]

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How to Create the Best Project Templates in a Project Management Tool

Project management is a very important business process. All organizations that have over 10 employees need to be able to organize themselves as best as possible to streamline all projects and make sure that everyone does their share, so that all deadlines are met. Apart from having managers that take care of such processes, companies also need technical solutions that will allow them to do this in a better way. This is why a project management tool is an absolute essential for managing projects in [...]

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The Why and How of Conversation UI’s for Applications

Voice is the new multi-touch. Cloud-based virtual assistants, powered by advances in artificial intelligence, are improving in usefulness and sweeping across the landscape of consumer tech. How does this new paradigm of the conversational user interface work? What underlying technology makes this all possible? What are the major voice UI platforms for third-party developers available today? At a very high level, here’s how these platforms work: A user either asks the virtual assistant for some information from an app or tells the assistant to do [...]

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