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29 Jul, 21

4 Questions to Consider Before Outsourcing Software Development

You know of a software solution that will improve your business.  Problem is, your internal team doesn’t have the skillset and/or bandwidth to develop, integrate, or update your legacy systems to accommodate the new solution.  You could outsource the work, but you’re not sure a third-party team would have the necessary industry or domain knowledge.  […]

Naveen Joshi

July 29, 2021

12 Jul, 21

5 Healthcare Technology Challenges You Can Overcome in 2021

If you’re an IT professional in the healthcare industry, you’ve got more than your fair share of challenges.   You’re figuring out how to comply with regulatory and legislative mandates, battling cyberattacks, and dealing with changes resulting from new technology—all while being pressured to reduce costs.  Your IT team is stretched to the limit. Your system is straining under increasing demand. You’re making progress, but […]

Gaurav Singh

July 12, 2021

12 Jul, 21

Taazaa Acquires Lexington Solutions

Fusion "makes life easier" for LIHTC asset managers

Naveen Joshi

July 12, 2021

5 Jul, 21

5 Key Mobile Development Aspects to Keep in Mind for 2021

You have a great idea for a mobile app—one that is going to boost your business to new heights. You just know it.  Your app will address a real need your customers have and solve a problem for them.  So you build this great app and get it out to your users … and it flops. No […]

Naveen Joshi

July 5, 2021

21 Jun, 21

The Secret Buzz Behind Taazaa’s New Branding

Our new website is buzzing with a bee-utiful, fresh design. You may have noticed that our new branding incorporates bees and honeycomb-evoking hexagons, with an emphasis on the color green. Bees—and the honeycombs they create—have a hidden meaning within Taazaa’s new brand identity. You’re probably guessing that it means we’re “busy as a bee,” and […]

Yasir Drabu

June 21, 2021

26 Apr, 21

Build vs. Buy – Software Decision

When you need new software, what do you do? Does your company have in-house IT? Do you take care of things on your own? Call the tech-savvy gamer kid down the street? Whatever it is you need, companies feel enormous pressure for full digital implementation now. The decision of whether to build or buy is […]

Bidhan Baruah

April 26, 2021

30 Mar, 21

The Definitive Guide to Low-Code/No-Code Technology

The thriving Low-Code/No-Code space has become an amazingly disruptive movement in the enterprise digital world. Gartner predicts that more than half of small-to-medium-sized companies and large enterprises will have implemented Low-Code app development platforms by 2023. The disruption is hugely associated with the need for citizen developers and professional developers to quickly build applications without […]

Sandeep Raheja

March 30, 2021

12 Mar, 21

The Complete Guide to DevOps

For the longest time, development and operations teams worked separately in silos. Developers wrote code while the system administrators were in charge of its deployment and integration. This negatively impacted the enterprise’s overall productivity because there was limited communication between these two modules. Fast forward to the 21st century, Agile and continuous workflow are among […]

Basab Dey

March 12, 2021

5 Mar, 21

Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or Artificial Intelligence?

In recent years, social media and newspapers have excitedly introduced us to the little wonders that certain new algorithms have accomplished. We hear of some algorithms as “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), while others are “Machine Learning” (ML). Meanwhile, another article would speak of “Deep Learning” and “Deep Fakes”, while others mention “Artificial Neural Networks” (ANN). In […]

Ashutosh Kumar

March 5, 2021

17 Feb, 21

Criteria for Choosing a Healthcare Software Development Partner

Choosing the best software development partner is important no matter what your project is. But when you’re dealing with healthcare software, it’s essential that you decide on a partner who understands your unique needs. The last thing you want is a “finished” project that puts your patients and business at risk. Below, we go over […]

Gaurav Singh

February 17, 2021

18 Jan, 21

Software Development – Insourcing Vs. Outsourcing

Perhaps the central issue when beginning a software development project is deciding to insource or to outsource. This decision factors in questions of cost, time, and quality of work. It is often the difference between a successful project and a waste of time and resources. Insourcing is what is traditionally known as in-house recruitment. When […]

Trip Bodley

January 18, 2021

8 Jan, 21

3 DevOps Best Practices for Accelerating Software Development

The DevOps movement is already over one decade old, with foundations in hundreds of leading companies. But even at those companies, the early stages of software development can be overwhelming. The complexity of modern software projects makes delivering quality results more difficult. This is due in part to shifting priorities. Software development has evolved to […]

Basab Dey

January 8, 2021

29 Dec, 20

5 Ways to Reduce Your Software Development Risks

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Bidhan Baruah

December 29, 2020

18 Dec, 20

10 Ways Fast, Iterative Software Prototyping Benefits Your Company

Digital transformation is everywhere these days. Companies that were in the process of making the shift to digital before Covid-19 have found their plans fast-tracked beyond all expectations. Organizations that weren’t yet quite there have realized they need to catch up in the shortest possible time. Almost every company and organization uses software these days, […]

Trip Bodley

December 18, 2020

11 Dec, 20

Top 8 Questions to Ask Your Software Development Partner

Tackling a technical project as a non-technical person can be intimidating. You don’t need to be a software developer to achieve success, but you do need to have some understanding of the technology involved to make sure that the custom software development company you hire fits your needs. If you hire the wrong software partner, […]

Naveen Joshi

December 11, 2020

20 Oct, 20

3 Principles for Reducing Development Costs Without Compromising Speed or Quality

Marc Andreessen’s observation that “Software Is Eating the World” is as true today as it was when he published his famous Wall Street Journal essay nearly a decade ago. The idea that “every company needs to become a software company” is not a trivial undertaking regardless of their industry, age, or size. The pressure to […]

Bidhan Baruah

October 20, 2020

1 Sep, 20

How Much Does Software Development Cost?

Understanding how much it will cost to develop a new software can be a confusing thing. Budgeting and pricing software projects depends on understanding the cost of software development, and there are a number of factors to consider when pricing a project. Expectations Managing expectations and communicating clearly is key when it comes to pricing […]

Naveen Joshi

September 1, 2020

19 Aug, 20

Software Development Process Guide

Customized software has become critical to businesses wanting a competitive edge. The early stages of developing a new piece of software can feel a little overwhelming. Fortunately, a variety of systems have been established that can make the process much, much easier. The process of software development has evolved over the last decade, with an […]

Gaurav Singh

August 19, 2020

26 Jun, 20

Hire a developer for your new app – that easy?

You have a stellar idea for a new app, or you need to upgrade your business’s legacy software with the latest tech. Either way, building software involves far more than just hiring a coder. Doing so can cause problems that even your crystal ball never foresaw. A developer’s process Takes your product requirements doc, begins […]

Bidhan Baruah

June 26, 2020

15 May, 20

U.S Software Engineering Company, Taazaa Inc. Acquires Software Product Development Company, AstraQube

Taazaa Inc., a privately-owned product engineering and software solutions company, has completed the acquisition of AstraQube, a custom Software Product Development company which took effect from May 1, 2020. According to the acompany officials, Taazaa acquired AstraQube assets, people, customer contracts, and the acquired business will operate under the Taazaa Inc. brand. AstraQube will be Taazaa’s second acquisition in a […]

Naveen Joshi

May 15, 2020

17 Mar, 20

Continuous Integration and Deployment in Agile

Within the last several years, the average lifespan of an S&P 500 company has been drastically reduced from 60 years to a mere 20 years, and it’s reported that the crux of the issue is the rapidly changing technology field. Any organization that hasn’t embraced technology and its myriad of constant change are destined to […]

Basab Dey

March 17, 2020

18 Feb, 20

Why React Native for Mobile App Development?

Creating cross-platform mobile apps traditionally requires developers to fight with their framework in order to create a seamless experience across iOS, Android, and Windows. The development of an intuitive user experience typically requires the use of the native mobile environment. However, developing on the native mobile environment comes with its own set of challenges including: […]

Sandeep Raheja

February 18, 2020

10 Feb, 20

Why migrate ASP.NET legacy apps to .NET Core?

Before we start with why we should migrate from legacy .NET Framework to .NET Core, let us discuss what these frameworks are and their brief history. .NET Framework is a software programming framework supporting languages like C#, F#, VB.NET, etc. The first version of .NET Framework (version 1.0) was released on February 13, 2002. Since […]

Ashutosh Kumar

February 10, 2020

5 Dec, 19

Python Tools for Data Mining

What’s Data Mining? The goal of data mining is to gain actionable insights from an organization’s data: businesses decide what they can do based on what they know about the data they have. Put another way, data mining is all about taking a huge amount of data and extracting insights from it, much like how […]

Ashutosh Kumar

December 5, 2019

22 Nov, 19

Simplifying Application Deployments with Docker

Every development team has its own standards for deploying applications. Each of these standards come with challenges and trade-offs. While it seems that no deployment solution is perfect, developers do everything possible to make it easier, seamless, and more effective for the business. One main issue with standard deployment is the team’s response to critical, […]

Naveen Joshi

November 22, 2019

15 Nov, 19

13 Ways To Keep Innovation Alive Within Your Team

In today’s work environment, you need more from an employee than just strong technical skills. Sure, software engineers need to be familiar with the appropriate programming language. Similarly, data analysts need to know their way around a spreadsheet. However, these things alone won’t make them more useful. They need to know of thinking outside the […]

Rohini Rai

November 15, 2019

10 Nov, 19

Building Distributed Applications

You’ve probably heard of the recent Bitcoin bubble. The cryptocurrency has exploded in just a few years from a few dollars to almost $20,000 in value. Although Bitcoin is the most commonly known cryptocurrency, there is much more to it than just Bitcoins and their value. One of cryptocurrency’s biggest advantages is that it’s decentralized […]

Naveen Joshi

November 10, 2019

20 Oct, 19

How to Create the Best Project Templates in a Project Management Tool?

Project management is a very important business process. All organizations that have over 10 employees need to be able to organize themselves as best as possible to streamline all projects and make sure that everyone does their share so that all deadlines are met. Apart from having managers that take care of such processes, companies […]

Gaurav Singh

October 20, 2019

25 Sep, 19

Apache Spark for Big Data Needs

Big data storage and compatibility is still in its infancy, and it can be a hurdle for even the most experienced database administrator to understand. Moving from traditional SQL and relational databases to big data reservoirs is an exercise in patience. It’s also challenging for administrators used to standard database warehouse design. The move is […]

Ashutosh Kumar

September 25, 2019

14 Sep, 19

5 Bootstrap Layout Tips for UI Challenged Developers

Normally user interface designs come from layout artists, but there are times that the developer and the layout artist are one and the same. However, not every developer is gifted with an eye for design, so this task is a bit of a challenge. Here are some tips and tricks to consider when you wish […]

Naveen Joshi

September 14, 2019

10 Sep, 19

Augmented and Virtual Reality Coming of Age

It started as a futuristic vision, but it didn’t stay that way very long. Augmented and virtual reality are fast earning their place as part of what is normal: an almost essential, well-accepted facet of modern life. But what are they, exactly? Augmented reality is simply the notion that we can add computer-generated elements seamlessly […]

Sandeep Raheja

September 10, 2019

16 Aug, 19

Web-Based Single Page Applications – What Are They?

In an era when multitasking and efficiency is a necessity, web-based Single Page Applications (SPAs) is heaven. The term ‘single page application’ refers to a website that has all of its contents accessible on only one page. It makes use of templates and data injection, as well as other techniques, to avoid having to reload […]

Gaurav Singh

August 16, 2019

23 Jul, 19

NoSQL or SQL – How to Choose the Best Fit for a Project?

Data persistence has always been a key challenge faced by software developers and programmers. Several database management systems have been introduced since the beginning of electronic computing in order to handle data persistence issues in software products. Relational database management systems, powered by SQL, have ruled the IT industry for more than four decades, though […]

Ashutosh Kumar

July 23, 2019

20 Jul, 19

You Should Be Tracking These Metrics to Have a Successful App

In today’s day and age, there are thousands and thousands of apps out there for people to use. These apps can do a ton of different things, and several have become so successful that they have made their founders and creators billionaires. So how do these apps get so successful? Well, tracking metrics was a […]

Naveen Joshi

July 20, 2019

15 Jul, 19

Technologies to Enable Internet of Things

The current explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the result of complementary advancements in underlying hardware and software technologies. In brief, IoT refers to the growing number of devices that are connected to the global Internet. Examples include smart-home products like the programmable thermostat Nest to industrial devices like temperature and humidity sensors. […]

Sandeep Raheja

July 15, 2019

20 Jun, 19

Why and How of Conversation UI for Applications?

Voice is the new multi-touch. Cloud-based virtual assistants, powered by advances in artificial intelligence, are improving in usefulness and sweeping across the landscape of consumer tech. How does this new paradigm of the conversational user interface work? What underlying technology makes this all possible? What are the major voice UI platforms for third-party developers available […]

Naveen Joshi

June 20, 2019

10 Apr, 19

Why Microservice Architecture?

For years, software developers were tasked with maintaining and building monolithic applications that spanned their entire user-base. Monolithic applications could be modular, but ultimately every moving part affects the entire application. When coders deployed new code, QA had to test the entire application to ensure stability. Microservices changes the way applications are developed, and they […]

Ashutosh Kumar

April 10, 2019

15 Feb, 19

Top Three Features of ASP.NET MVC 5

ASP.NET MVC is Microsoft’s latest web application development technology based on the principle of the separation of concerns. MVC stands for Models, Views, and Controllers, respectively. Prior to the MVC pattern, Web Forms was the prime Microsoft technology for web application development. However, Web Forms lacked the flexibility of development and loose coupling. MVC addressed […]

Ashutosh Kumar

February 15, 2019

11 Dec, 18

Property Apps are Changing the Game for Buyers and Sellers

Let’s face it. We live in a digital world. The real estate industry is no stranger to digital technologies, and 72% of people now say that they use a mobile site or application to make their home search easier. The easy access to real-time data and updated, accurate information that apps provide allow people to really harness the […]

Naveen Joshi

December 11, 2018

6 Nov, 18

Software That’s Saving the Planet

In recent years, we as a society have been making strides towards a greener future. But, with all of the progress that we’ve made, we’ve done little to stop the progression of climate change. According to tech giant Bill Gates, “We don’t just need to switch to LED bulbs and recycle our plastics, but we need […]

Ipshita Mukerjee

November 6, 2018