Our Kanban Process

Kanban is a development methodology that allows us the deliver products while balancing our workload.

Kanban allows the taazaa team to manage our workflow with an emphasis on just-in-time delivery. With a system to fairly assign tasks to individual team members with tools such as JIRA, our team is able to maximize our efficiency without be over-worked. Everything that needs to be done can be assigned a time schedule and a team to work on it, ensuring continuous production and thorough completion. Our progress, from start to finish, is viewable through our Kanban workflow, with bug tracking and project tasks laid out.

Using Kanban, we like to focus on a few core features of our Kanban process:

  • Visibility – Our workflow is highly visible. With a clean assignment of tasks to each individual in certain timeframes, it’s easy to tell what needs to get done, when, and by who.
  • Completion – We focus on a limited number of tasks at a time. It’s easy to start a task, but what matters is finishing it. Our Kanban implementation allows us to pick tasks and reach the defined goal before moving on to the next.
  • Explicitly – Through documenting our progress and tasks, we can ensure thorough completion and modification when needed.
  • Monitoring – Our Kanban framework involves constant monitoring of daily progress, with frequent meetings between team members to ensure productive workflow, with adjustments to improve efficiency as needed.

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