10 Best E-Learning Apps Trending These Days

Rum Tan

May 17, 2018

10 Best E-Learning Apps Trending These Days

E-learning is a phenomenal development in the learning sector. As opposed to the belief that education could be imparted only by conventional means, this new technology has rewritten many rules. This form of learning has undoubtedly taken the world by storm and is for sure to stay.

The revolution brought about by e-learning is benefiting students, professionals, homemakers, senior citizens alike. The most convenient medium for e-learning is the mobile phone. Most of the developed world population has access to a mobile phone, and this has encouraged the developers of both the smartphones and the phone applications to inculcate more and more educative applications into the phone Play Store or an Apple Store.

There are tons and thousands of informative mobile phone applications just a click away from a user that he can make use of. This entire technological renaissance has led to the development of many apps to benefit the e-learning community. However, the following are the trendiest applications nowadays.

Edx: This is one of the most informative apps. This app offers insights into various courses like programming, designing, psychology, etc. through online and offline video lectures. Unlike many apps, Edx offers courses from actual colleges. Higher education seeking individuals should definitely try his app. The app is free to use, and this makes it a top favourite.

Google Play Books: Regarded as one of the best learning apps, Google play books offers you a wide range of options to choose from. These vary from fiction, non-fiction, guidebooks, educational books, comics, etc. Once you have installed the app on your phone, you may have to pay certain charges for various ebooks. The versatility of content makes this a useful app.

Mind flash: This is an awesome business app. It lets a person train partners, employees, customers all at once. Being a highly user-friendly app, the learners get motivated in the process of learning and at the same time provides an informative database for various businesses.

Amazon Kindle: This app provides the users with the flexibility of buying, downloading, and storing thousands of ebooks, educational books, textbooks, and more. Rated amongst the top e-learning apps, Amazon kindle provides a traditional touch to the learning experience.

Coursera: Anything from online video lecture to well-crafted courses in different fields is the specialty of this app. Having a collection of informative material this is a must-have e-learning app.

Photomath: Those of you who get jitters thinking about mathematics can surely tame your phobias well by installing this wonderful app. It provides all the step by step instructions to solve mathematical questions. It uses a camera and OCR technology to read equations and give back solutions.

Youtube: This is probably the best learning apps. With a stream of videos for a single search, this provides with the best platform for interaction as well. Anything from as simple as learning new recipes to more complex things can be learned in a jiffy. A channel subscription will make sure you remain notified at all times.

Duolingo: This is a recent language app developed in 2014. It is a language learning app and mini-tutorials and games help a user learn a language fast.

Lynda: Established by Lynda Weinman this app helps in learning coding, Web designing, recording, production, etc. It also helps in learning Microsoft Office skills.

Udemy: This trending app focuses on skill-based learning. Many day-to-day activities like public speaking, cooking, tailoring etc. can be mastered in the comfort of your home. It also helps with learning various applications successfully.